Your child’s hearing aid will change the quality of their life for the better, but you need to ensure you choose the correct one for their own comfort. Pediatric hearing aids are often considered the best choice for a child – read on to learn more about why you should select this kind of hearing aid. 

They are tamperproof

Many children receive their first pair of hearing aids from a very young age. This means they can be tempted to play with them, just like anything else they can get their hands on. Some children may even want to put their hearing aid in their mouths, which can of course be dangerous. 

The hearing aid needs to have a tamperproof battery door and ear hook for this reason, which is what a pediatric hearing aid offers. This can make a huge difference to the safety of your child and the maintenance of the hearing aid. By choosing a pediatric hearing aid for your child, you’ll protect both your child and the hearing aid. 

Pediatric-specific operating system 

Children are usually taking part in very different listening situations to adults. They need to listen at school or other kids when they are playing outside. An adult tends to spend more time in tranquil environments, meaning they don’t quite need the same function and features from their hearing aids. 

Many pediatric hearing aids have been set to automatically recognize where a child is, whether that’s the playground or in a cafeteria. This means they don’t have the hassle of messing with their hearing aid in each new situation and that they can enjoy life. 

Many designs and colors

One thing children tend to enjoy more than adults is an array of colors and designs. These days, pediatric hearing aids are a lot of fun to wear. They allow children to choose their personal color combination, including hearing aid, hook, and roger receiver. This way, they develop ownership of their hearing aid and take pride in it. They will enjoy wearing their hearing aid when they feel that they have had a part in the design process. 

Indicator lights 

Indicator lights on a pediatric hearing aid can be useful for parents and caregivers when a child does not have the vocabulary to tell you how it is working. For example, a light can tell you whether the battery is low. This means you will be able to take action if the child is unable to tell you what is going on. 

Below you will find some general tips that can help you in the search for a hearing aid for your child:

  • Some children may want a discreet hearing aid so as not to draw attention to themselves: However, the smaller a hearing aid gets, the harder it is to insert and remove, especially for children who may still lack dexterity. It’s important to discuss this with an audiologist if you know your child does not want a noticeable hearing aid. 
  • Avoid hearing aids that require manual adjustments: Children will often forget to adjust their hearing aid based on their situation and hearing needs. In this case it’s better to select one that does this for them automatically. 
  • Select a hearing aid that comes with accessories: Hearing aids that come with remote microphones and accessories can make all the difference in a child’s ability to hear communication clearly. With remote microphone technology, the speaker or teacher, wears a wireless microphone that directly links to the child’s hearing aid receiver. This ensures better understanding and sound quality for the child. 
  • Ensure your child is comfortable: An audiologist who has experience fitting children with hearing aids is a must visit if you want to ensure your child is comfortable. Ensuring your child’s needs are met can be difficult, as it can be tough to get appropriate feedback from them. An experienced audiologist will know how to ask the right questions and interpret feedback from your child during their hearing evaluation and fitting process. This ensures the hearing aid is functional and comfortable for your child. 

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