Hearing Aid Fitting/Programming Page

Sommerville Audiology is dedicated to providing you the best hearing experience possible. Because when you can hear better, you live better. You’ll select hearing aids during your hearing test appointment, and the prescription will be sent to the manufacturer. In roughly 10 days, you’ll return to our offices for an appointment where your hearing aids will be customized for the way you hear. We recommend that you bring a friend or family member to this appointment.

What happens during a fitting?

This is the longest appointment you will have when you begin wearing hearing aids. Be sure to allow plenty of time in your schedule, so you don’t feel rushed.

The audiologist will fine-tune your hearing aid programs using live speech mapping. Because no two people hear sounds the same, this process will ensure that your hearing aids are delivering sound in the manner you wish to hear it.

You’ll learn how to insert and remove your hearing aids. In addition, you’ll be instructed on the basic maintenance you must perform.

The audiologist will explain the different features your devices offer and show you how and when to use them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Understanding how your hearing aids work and how to care for them are keys to successful integrating this new technology into your daily life.

What is live speech mapping?

Live speech mapping is the process that Sommerville Audiology uses to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed for your personal hearing needs. We use live speech mapping, as it is proven to increase wearer satisfaction and reduce the number of follow up visits for adjusting programs and settings.

A small microphone will be placed in your ear canal to measure the response of the hearing aid in your ear. This is why we ask you to bring a friend or family member to the appointment. You get a better experience when the sound we use to fine-tune your hearing aids is a familiar voice. As you hear, the sound is displayed as an image on a screen. Not only do you hear better, but you can also see the difference for yourself.

Adjusting to hearing aids

By the time you leave our offices, you will be comfortable inserting and removing your new devices and understand their proper care.

Because your brain has not received full auditory stimulation for some time, wearing hearing aids requires an adjustment period. Just like your eyes and brain had to adjust to your first set of glasses, your ears and brain must adapt to your new hearing aids.

Begin hearing and living better now. Schedule your appointment and receive a free hearing aid battery charger compliments of Sommerville Audiology.