Is the volume on your TV is turned up so loud that it disturbs other members of the family, or even the neighbors? Maybe family members are always telling you that the TV is too loud, but you still struggle to hear. Perhaps you sit closer to the TV than you know you should, in order to hear it. 

Hearing loss can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite films and programs as you used to, but there are hearing aid accessories out there especially for the TV that could ensure you don’t miss out. Below you’ll find some suggestions that could help you to enjoy your movie nights and favorite shows once more – without disturbing your neighbors or the people close to you. 

Wireless hearing aid streaming 

This accessory allows you to stream directly from the TV to your hearing device. These devices transmit the sound directly from your television to your hearing aids without the need for any wires, which is extremely useful and helps to keep everything as tidy as possible. There’s a range of portability available that you can’t get with other devices – and in some cases, it can even be higher quality than healthy hearing. This means you can take this device with you wherever you go to ensure that you don’t miss out. It doesn’t just need to be used at home.

You’ll want to enquire about having your technology memory programmed to optimize the sound quality of a direct-audio input if you’re going to enjoy the best sound imaginable. Just be aware that some products can generate a stronger permanent magnetic field that could cause interference with other devices. For more information on something like this, speak to a professional audiologist and they will be able to let you know if it’s right for you.

Loop systems

Looping means that ambient noise is greatly reduced and a better signal-to-noise ratio is provided. Looping offers a hearing shortcut, making it easier for you to hear specific inputs in larger rooms. Many places are already fitted with loop systems, such as banks and churches. 

If you’re going to try this then you need to ensure compatibility with the telecoil in your hearing devices. You should also check with your audiologist to get an idea of installation of a loop in your home, church, or office. 

Wireless TV headphones

Wireless TV headphones can give you a direct wireless stream from the TV right to your ears, and this will also eliminate any distracting noises. You will also be able to control the volume without affecting the TV volume for other users, which can be a big help. 

Your headphones work by connecting or pairing to the TV through a radio, Bluetooth, or infrared signal. This is not necessarily something you would use with a hearing aid, but can be useful to better hear the TV without having to turn it up all the way. This option can also be used if you like to enjoy music, and many models focus on drowning out background noise so you can hear what’s important. They are probably best used in the home rather than when you are out and about, as failing to hear traffic sounds and other noises could be potentially dangerous. This is a guaranteed way to avoid disturbing family members or neighbors while watching something on TV or listening to music. 

Home theatre sound system

A home theatre sound system can give you cinema quality sound from one source, and there are no speaker wires or anything lying around and making your home look more cluttered. Not only that, some units use hearing aid technology for strong dialogue reproduction. This means that everybody can enjoy the TV without having to compromise on sound. Those with hearing loss will be able to hear everything clearly, even scenes with whispering. Reading reviews online and paying attention to the warranty is always advised for the best results with this option. There are all kinds of options available and you want to be sure you make the best selection for your hearing needs and home life. 

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