Like any device, the constant use of your hearing aids may cause some wear-and-tear, affecting the effectiveness and quality of the device. In addition, hearing aids are delicate and can be susceptible to damage. When you experience problems with your hearing aids, you may be faced with the option of repairing or replacing them. Here is a guide to help you determine whether you need hearing aid repairs or replacement.

When to Repair Your Hearing Aids

Repairing your damaged hearing aids is a more cost-effective option compared to replacing them. However, it may be a better option to have your hearing aids professionally repaired under some circumstances. Here are a few:

  • If your hearing aids do not produce any sound, you should have them repaired. Before consulting your audiologist, ensure that the volume on your hearing aids is not turned down. If that is not the problem, consider visiting your audiologist to examine the device and carry out the necessary repairs.
  • Where there is apparent physical damage to your hearing aids, you should consider getting them repaired. If you constantly drop your hearing aids, it is most likely to incur cracks, bends, scratches and other physical damage. If these damages are minor, your audiologist can easily have the hearing aids repaired.
  • Excessive static in your hearing aid is a sign that your hearing aid needs to be repaired. Static occurs due to the build-up of moisture within the hearing device. Fortunately, your audiologist can easily repair the problem.
  • After a while, the sound quality of your hearing aid may be deteriorating. This may be due to a faulty microphone with a build-up of earwax. Your audiologist may fix the problem by giving your hearing aid thorough cleaning. If this does not fix the problem, they will turn to the device’s internal components to detect any other issues.

When to Replace Your Hearing Aids

Although repairing your hearing aids may be a more cost-effective option, it is not always the best solution. In some cases, the wear and tear of your hearing aids may have caused significant damage making the need to get a new pair. Here are a few factors to consider.

Generally, the average hearing aids are effective for five years, depending on your preferred style of hearing aids. If the devices have exceeded their average life span, no longer fit in your ears comfortably, or lack modern features, it may be time to replace them. Be sure to consult your audiologist for advice on the style of hearing aids you can replace your old one with.

Despite how well you keep your device, its hardware may become fragile, causing it to break regularly. If this happens, it is advisable to replace them. A repair would mean taking frequent trips to the audiologist, which may not be ideal. Replacing it would be a more cost-effective solution and help you enjoy a more studier, newer hearing aid model. In short, if you have to repair your hearing aids constantly, it may be a better option to replace them.

To repair or replace

It can be challenging to decide whether you need to replace your hearing aids or have them repaired. The trick is to select an option you are comfortable with and better suits your situation. You can quickly resolve minor damages by using the services of experienced audiologists to identify and repair the damage. In some cases, it may seem as though repairing your hearing aids may be a better solution to resolving the problems you may endure. However, if repairs seem to be frequent, take a lot of time and resources then replacing them may be a better course of action.

In addition, if there are newer models that can offer more than your current hearing aid does, you should consider replacing them. Before repairing or replacing your hearing aids, be sure to do a little troubleshooting. First, ensure that your hearing aid is clean and replace its batteries. Also, be sure to look for signs of visible damage. If these do not seem to be the cause of the problems, be sure to consult your audiologist.

No matter the issue you face regarding your hearing aid, an audiologist is in the best place to help. For more information on repairing or replacing your hearing aids, visit Sommerville Audiology and Hearing Aid Center. You can also call us at 586-298-3788; our team of experts is ready to attend to you.