Hearing aids were revolutionary when they were first created in 1898. After entering public use in 1913, they became smaller and more technical each year. Every year, new and innovative hearing aids improve the lives of those with hearing loss. This article will look at three of the most cutting-edge features of modern hearing aids.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hearing aids today can adapt to your sound preferences through the use of AI. Your device can log what volume control settings you select in a particular setting, like a restaurant, store or open air. You can then adjust your sound settings to adapt to each environment when you’re in the same or a similar setting in the future. This can also be reviewed by your audiologist and used to tailor your hearing aid settings even further.

Artificial intelligence can also integrate with smartphone apps to help you manage your hearing aids. Just some of the many exciting features of AI and app-compatible hearing aids include:

  • Battery life monitor to ensure that your hearing aid never runs down.
  • A health monitor which can track how many times you fall and help you manage your health.
  • Speech to text translate app, and a translation app for different languages.
  • Digital hearing aid adjustment which can be managed by Bluetooth from the app.
  • A direct line with your audiologist for any issues.

Technology is constantly evolving, so who knows what additional apps and AI developments will arrive in the near future.

Noise Reduction Systems

There are many innovative noise reduction features available for modern hearing aids. These are features that help to assess incoming sound and take steps to reduce noise levels and help you to hear better.

Just three of these new noise reduction systems that are particularly important include:

  • Wind noise reduction: This innovative piece of technology allows those with a hearing aid to enjoy outdoor hobbies without wind impacting their ability to hear. The tech on these hearing aids detects wind blowing across the hearing aid and then reduces the volume of the noise. This effectively allows those enjoying outdoor sports like fishing to be able to hear their fellow enthusiasts without the impact of the wind.
  • Microphone systems: Some microphone systems increase the volume of the sounds in front of you and decrease the impact of other sounds. This means you can focus on conversations even in very busy settings.
  • Digital noise reduction: Digital noise reduction analyzes unwanted background sounds and reduces the volume of these so you can focus on conversations and other important noises.

Docking And Recharging Feature

Phone recharging technology has been around for quite a few years now but has only recently transformed the world of hearing aids. Many hearing aids now allow the user to simply put their hearing aid on a charging station at night, for their batteries to be fully charged in the morning.

This simple yet essential feature has transformed the uptake of many people using hearing aids. For many people with dexterity issues, changing the tiny batteries when they ran out was a time-consuming and even impossible process. Rechargeable hearing aids are also much safer to have around, particularly as the tiny batteries can be swallowed by young children or pets.

What Is the Future of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are constantly evolving, with the aim to make them smaller and more technologically advanced. Some future predictions for hearing aid technology include:

  • More personalized preferences: The more your hearing aids know about you, the better they can adapt to your preferences and improve your hearing. Audiologists predict that digital hearing aids will get better at interpreting brain waves and creating tailored sound settings based on stress levels and food intake.
  • Machine learning: Current hearing aids make adjustments based on you logging your sound preferences. In the future, hearing aids could make these alterations automatically, to help you hear the sounds that you want to in each particular setting.

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