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Jaclyn Sommerville, Au.D.


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Meet Jaclyn Sommerville, Au.D.

Compassionate. Committed. Cutting Edge.

For close to a decade, Dr. Jaclyn Sommerville has built her practice around the guiding principle that better hearing equals better quality of life. As a doctor of Audiology, she is highly trained to detect and treat all types of hearing issues. She has made it her mission to offer the kind of compassionate care and personalized solutions that not only help her patients hear better, but also live the life they want.

In her newly opened location in St. Clair Shores, Dr. Sommerville sees patients of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. The bright, friendly offices at Sommerville Audiology are, just like Jaclyn herself, warm and welcoming. Through her years of practice in the Grosse Pointe area, she understands how difficult it can be for patients to walk through the door and confront the fact that they may have hearing problems. “It’s a sensitive subject. Hearing loss is a really hard thing for people to open up about;’ says Jaclyn. “My patients and I talk through the frustrations and fears and then together, we walk through the next steps as a team.”

What sets her practice apart from other audiology groups in the area is Jaclyn’s commitment to the field and to finding the very best solutions for each and every one of her patients. Knowing that two people with the same hearing issues may need completely different products, Dr. Sommerville uses the latest, cutting edge technology to offer a specialized approach to hearing health care. She believes in partnering with patients and involving them in every part of the process. According to Jaclyn;’ There is so much new technology out there, it’s my job to do the research and then share my knowledge with my patients. No pressure. Together, we make a “sound decision” and build a customized plan designed to improve their ability to hear better. For a majority of my patients, that is a game changer:’

For Dr. Sommerville, one of the most rewarding aspects of her practice is being able to think outside the box to find solutions for her patients. An example of this was the time she had to perform testing “on the go” for one of her toddler patients. “The little guy needed to be asleep or settled, and he kept waking up and crying. Mom drove around with him in the car and he fell asleep. She was nervous that he would wake up if she took him out of the car. If I couldn’t get testing done, we would need to send him in for sedated testing. I took my equipment and climbed in the back of the car. He started waking up as I placed equipment in his ears, so I had mom drive around the neighborhood. He stayed asleep and we got testing done successfully and were able to avoid using anesthesia. Just another day at the office!”

Sommerville Audiology provides an extensive list of services and support for better hearing. The practice’s specialized services include hearing testing and hearing aid evaluations, repairs and modifications. Products include: high-performance digital hearing aids that are not only comfortable, but virtually invisible, TV assistive devices, amplified phones and custom ear protection for swimmers, hunters and musicians. In addition, Jaclyn offers hearing health counseling, education and community outreach.

Whether she’s fitting someone for their first hearing aid, treating a patient who lost hearing in an accident, or helping a senior work with a new product, Jaclyn makes sure each patient gets the highest quality care possible.